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IT & non-profit services

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Your church struggles with keeping up with member addresses, names, and contact informaton. People want e-mail reminders about church services but no one knows how to do that. A local farm offers “save a turkey” programs around Thanksgiving but the owners don’t know how to get the words out to people who may be interested. Your local food bank has a hard time predicting the quantity of food they need for each week, as they always have either shortages of basic food items or excessive food supplies that must go to waste. 

If these issues sound familiar, it’s because they are everywhere. With more sofisticated technical skills learned in IT150, you will help dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services that you care much about.


Written by Rachel Chung

October 18, 2008 at 2:52 am

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Ian & Tia (1): IT and your own business

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Carlow students Ian and Tia wanted to start their own business selling cone pizza, the latest food sensation in Japan, Korea, Italy, and now, New York City. They created a business plan, secured angel funds, and found a store front. They even printed flyers and coupons. They were confident that they were ready to launch their business.

Except for one thing. They knew they needed a computer. They had bought a Dell computer, an HP multi-function printer, and signed up for Fiber Optics services. Now what? What should they do with the computer? Who should they call for help? Dell would fix their computer if it’s broken. But would they tell Ian and Tia how the computer could help them with budgeting, marketing, and, yes, making better pizza?

In IT150, you will find out how computers, the Internet, and other information technology help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed!

Written by Rachel Chung

October 18, 2008 at 2:44 am

Top Ten Reasons to Take IT150

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You are NOT an IT major. You don’t want to be a geek. And you HATE math!

Why bother taking IT150? Here are the top ten reasons to take IT 150:

10. Fulfill Technology requirement – IT150 is a T course for ALL majors!

9. Enhance your resume – Technical knowledge makes your resume shine!

8.  Expand your portfolio – Your own website, database, and business prososal – you will turn heads at job interviews!

7. Play more – Being able to use technology more cleverly, you will finish your homework twice as fast!

6. Be contagious – Your friends will want to know HOW you did that!

5. Laugh – In the face of excel formulas!

4. Make a difference – Smart use of technology can make huge differences in people’s lives

3. Be innovative – With some many creative ways to use technology, your mind will fill with ideas!

2. Save lives – By improving information flow in certain fields – healthcare, emergency response, engineering, non-profit agencies – you could help save lives

1. Make the world a better place – Better use of technology will save trees, cut down your carbon footprint, and shrink gas bills!

Written by Rachel Chung

October 18, 2008 at 2:12 am